Who is GlobalTrack LLC?

GlobalTrack originated in Las Vegas, NV in 2011 and currently offers services throughout Northern America to include not only the U.S., but Canadian territories as well.

What business solutions does GlobalTrack provide?

Our products cover a variety of industries and collateral tracking applications, including but not limited to: indirect and direct lending for auto finance, flooring and fleet lease management, insurance, and buy here pay here. GlobalTrack’s wide spectrum of devices offers a solution for every business in need of vehicle tracking capabilities, making their application into your business model effortless.

What is a disclosure waiver?

A disclosure waiver is a legal document that protects both the consumer and the lender by defining the personal information that is gathered and its potential utilization to help service a vehicle loan. Direct and indirect lenders alike, employ disclosure waivers as a best business practice when utilizing GPS technology in order to inform their customers of the full extent of the GPS device’s functionality, including vehicle disabling features.

How are my personal information and privacy safeguarded?

GlobalTrack utilizes, where applicable, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts inputted information. Similarly, all payment information is safeguarded in a PCI compliant fashion.

Do GlobalTrack services and products support mobile devices and applications?

MobileInstallTM and MobileLocateTM are mobile applications making it easier to install, locate, and manage your GPS devices.

MobileInstallTM enables users to manage the entire installation process using Android enabled mobile devices. Pairing the device to the vehicle is as simple as scanning the VIN and GPS device with the phone’s camera, enabling the user to verify GPS and cellular signal strength, as well as the integrity of the installation by testing the devices features.

MobileLocateTM allows users to pinpoint a vehicle’s location 24/7/365 from any Android enabled mobile device. Additional control features include enabling or disabling the starter remotely and providing access to a historical record of previous vehicle locations.

How do I purchase GlobalTrack products and services?

For your convenience, GlobalTrack offers several ways to shop. Whether online, over the phone, or in person, our products and services are deliverable at your preference. Contacts us for additional details or simply select your desired products, add them to the shopping cart, and check out through our onsite online experience.

Technical Definitions

What are virtual perimeters or geofences?

A geofence or virtual perimeter is a virtual barrier or boundary created by a user spanning a specified geographic area. Programs that support geofencing allow the administrator to define triggers that notify the user when a vehicle enters/exits the area. Additional customizable settings can be enabled within a geofence, triggering events such as remote start disable or enhanced vehicle location reporting.

What are application programming interfaces (API’s)?

An API is a software intermediary that enables program interaction while sharing data and enhancing application capabilities. API’s are commonly utilized to allow integration of new features into existing applications, such as the entry of a current vehicle location and speed into a business’ software or proprietary program.

What are the major differences between CDMA and GSM products?

CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) provides wireless data options for GPS tracking devices; as it employs a spread-spectrum technology and a special coding scheme. The data network technology runs on a 3G network which has a well-established infrastructure and broad coverage footprint.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) offer a proven track record in dependability, as this has been the # 1 choice of carriers world-wide; and in some countries still is. Our GSM device is a SIM based module and considered to be our most cost effective wireless data option.

Both the CDMA and GSM devices are defined by data transfer speed and are known as the two basic technologies in mobile phones.