Connecting You With Your Vehicle and Those Who Drive It

Introducing SecureOne Connect - A Solution for the Everyday Customer.

The connection between the road ahead and peace of mind.

SecureOne Connect allows you to stay connected with your vehicle 24/7. By providing real-time information about the vehicle’s location via a mobile application, you can ensure that your vehicle is safe.


Technology that goes beyond GPS tracking

Stolen Vehicle Assist: A call with our agents can quickly help locate and track your vehicle.

Roadside Assitance: Share your location with your roadside assistance driver.

Request Emergency Services: Send request for 911 emergency services.

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Virtual Boundaries: Get notified when a loved one arrives at their destination. Easy set-up, with timely alerts.

Speed Alerts: Get notified if a loved one goes faster then you think they should.

Vehicle Battery Health: Receive low battery alerts to avoid getting stranded.

Where is my car? Easily pinpoint your vehicle on the map, and find your way back.

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3. Stay connected with your vehicle

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